Pittsburgh Tamil Sangam – Membership Form

 ●  Members can vote for Board elections and also run for board positions
 ●  To run for board positions one must be a member for at least one year with volunteer work for 2 
     events at the minimum
 ●  Members' child(ren) 12 to 18 yrs of age shall be eligible for youth coordinator positions
 ●  Members can be part of various committees to drive Sangam programs across the Greater Pittsburgh
Terms and Conditions:
 ●  18 years and above will be considered as Individual
 ●  One year membership fee per Individual is $10
 ●  Lifetime membership fee per Individual is $100 (10 times the prevailing yearly membership fees)
 ●  Yearly membership is valid for calendar year (membership expires on Dec 31st irrespective of the
     date/time it starts during the year)
 ●  Membership fees is non refundable and non transferable (cannot be transferred to other family
 ●  Membership fee is subject to change at the discretion of board

  Child1 Age
  Child2 Age
  Child3 Age
  Child4 Age
  Phone No Alternate No
  Email ID  
  Total Amount Paid    
  (Yearly Membership $10 Individual 18 Years and above.Life Time Membership $100 - 10 Times the Yearly Membership
Note: Checks should be payable to "Pittsburgh Tamil Sangam")
  I agree to share my personal contact information to the other members of the organisation  
  I hereby agree to abide by the vision and mission of the organisation.
  Signature Date
  For Office use only:     Format : MM/DD/YYYY
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